Monday, October 29, 2018

Solution to the Migrant Caravan(s)

Non refugees

Anyone coming here for the purpose of work and not qualifying for asylum will be returned to the country from which they joined the caravan.


The cost for their return will be deducted from any taxpayer money given to any NGO or aid group that assisted them in getting to the USA



Anyone claiming asylum will be loaded onto a military transport plane and flown to the newly renovated Guantanamo base where they will be protected until their status can be checked.


Their home country will have the cost of their flight to Guantanamo and their daily food and lodging and the cost of returning any of them (if they fail asylum qualifications or don't like Guantanamo) deducted from any taxpayer aid sent to their country.
An amount equal to the amount deducted from their country will be deducted from all NGOs assisting anyone in the caravan(s)


To ensure no separation of families
people with minor children will have a separate area.
To ensure the safety of women and children
- men, women and unaccompanied minors will all be in separate areas.


Daily flights from Guantanamo to their country of origin (where they joined the caravan) will take back anyone failing to qualify for asylum status and anyone who no longer wishes to go through the process as they are free to leave

The real Solution

Of course we all know that the real solution is to end all aid (food stamps, housing, welfare ...) to non us citizens or green card holders and to immediately deport and permanently deny reentry to anyone caught here illegally. That will not happen before the caravans arrive.

Music can make anything easier to deal with....

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