Thursday, November 15, 2018

Election Fraud

The election processes in Broward and many other democrat majority counties are now highly questionable.

Before election day mail in ballots should be recieved and counted and ensured that they arrived before the cutoff.

Early votes are taken and processed and totals given before election day.

Election day votes are then taken, processed and totaled on that day.

If the election result shows that the winner has won by less votes than the number of uncounted mail in ballots then the election is over.
Example: candidate 1 has 550,000 votes, candidate 2 has 520,000 votes giving candidate 1 a 30,000 vote victory. If the total number of mail in ballots is less than 30,000 votes there is no point counting them as they cannot change the result.
If the number of mail in ballots is more than 30,000 then they should be opened and counted only if their postage stamp shows they were received before the mail in deadline.

Without knowing these totals before election day the democrats have simply produced the number of "mail in / absentee" ballots needed to throw the election and have won every recount so far in this mid term.

What was the total number of mail in ballots before Tuesday's election?
Election supervisors were caught filling in blank ballots ... has this been investigated .... doesn't this invalidate the election results?
How can all the mail in ballots be only in favor of the democrat when early voting and election day voting were in favor of the republican?
How has every close election in this mid term ended in recounts which resulted in the democrat favor?

It is a mathematical impossibility that democrats win every recount .....This election is invalid and should be redone under federal supervision. Here are all the flipped elections

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