Thursday, January 17, 2019

Answers to the globalist corruption


Our situation is bad but not hopeless and Trump now has an opportunity via a national emergency which would allow him to re-direct funds. Take all the funds below and move them to the wall now.
  1. Stop all welfare to any non citizen- those awaiting amnesty included.
  2. Only children of citizens or registered aliens can attend public schools
  3. No college aid to any non-citizen
  4. Imprison leaders who setup sanctuary cities for treason against the republic
  5. Imprison all guilty of sedition - stops the spread of Islam in it's tracks
  6. Deport all illegals with criminal activity or known gang affiliation
  7. Build the wall to stop any reinforcements
  8. Take a census to determine actual american citizens and verify against all recent election results
Steps 1 - 3 will result in mass self deportations of illegals back to their countries 
, even those awaiting amnesty will do it from their homes. It will also stop democrats from running for office as their main source of extortion and kick backs has dried up
Step 4 will deter communist leaders from attempting to seek further office
Step 8 will result in elections needing to be retaken and put American's back in control of their country

Here is the organization and gulty parties that creates the need for solutions above.

Here is a military analogy for the government use of the illegal immigrants

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