Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The globalist agenda and how you pay for it

Here we show you the structure of the elite globalists and what function each of the players have and how it all funded.

  • Elites
    • Control & self enrichment
    • Setup NGOs to drive migrants and enrich themselves 
    • Setup foundations & law groups to protect migrants
    • Own media to control message and attack truth
    • Install elitist in Government to push agenda
    • Extort money from governments world wide via UN
  • NGOs
    • Destabilize government via unrest / ANTIFA
    • Create migrants once governments collapse
    • Organize migrants into caravans or onto boats to invade
    • Fund unrest & migrant transportation
  • Government
    • Self enrichment
    • Fund the NGO's via state department - kick backs
    • Fund foundations & law groups to protect migrants - kick backs
    • Fund state governments to setup sanctuary cities to house & organize migrants
    • Fund planned parenthood from all taxpayers - not just abortion lovers
    • Pay for illegal migrants via: welfare, free medical, housing, food stamps and free lawyers
    • Tax you to pay for all the above - You pay - not Soros
    • Infiltrate the DOJ with elitists
    • Run guns to help NGOs destabilize countries (fast & furious, Benghazi) 
  • Media
    • Self enrichment
    • Cover for the Elites who own them
    • Distract from government illegal acts and extortion
    • Push government propaganda and elite agenda
    • Vilify any true American who tries to expose elites or government
  • Local government
    • Setup sanctuary cities
    • Push elite socialist & gay/tranny agenda
    • Infiltrate local law enforcement and voting officials with elitists
  • Planned parenthood
    • Run ads supporting only democrat politicians using funds from all taxpayers
    • Fund campaigns of elitist government politicians using funds from all taxpayers 
    • Murder as many babies as possible to push globalist population control agenda
  • Sanctuary Cities
    • Staging grounds for migrant invaders
    • Organize and fund migrants to pay for their votes
    • Increase population to send more democrats to house of representatives
    • Control voting officials to make it easier for illegals to vote
  • Islamic migrants
  • Latin migrants

Here is the solution to all the above .. it's not hopeless

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